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Feb 3 2018

"In His Grip: Spiritual Formation is Better Than Football"

NFL Pro Bowl Lineman Charles Mann presents “In His Grip: Spiritual Formation is Better Than Football” at the February 2018 Men's Breakfast. 

Jan 27 2018


Drawing on the imagery of an athletic event where the crowd can influence the outcome of the game, Mark DeVries’ “Stacking the Stands” seminar provides parents an opportunity to learn the power of weaving a web of life-giving, intergenerational relationships for their children. Parents will walk away from this seminar equipped with the tools and community to “stack the stands” for their children.
Rev. Mark DeVries, a PC(USA) pastor with over 30 years of experience in youth ministry, is the President/Founder of Ministry Architects. DeVries has trained youth pastors across the globe, authored five books and numerous articles, and is an in-demand speaker.

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Jan 6 2018

Becoming What We Love

Dr. Quinn Fox presents at the January 2018 men's breakfast.

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Dec 2 2017

What's the Big Idea?: Worldviews in Conflict

Dave Brown presents at the December 2017 men's breakfast.

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Nov 12 2017

The History of the Church in the Reformation Era: Week 9

Teacher: R.V. Seep
For a millennium, the Christian Church weathered myriad pressures: Popes, councils, monastic orders, scholars, heretics (actual as well as alleged), and many others, sought with minimal success to reform its practices and correct its doctrine. Then, in a series of rapidly unfolding events ignited by the excommunication of a German monk and university professor, a religious revolt swept across Europe that changed the face of Christianity in the West. The towering edifice of medieval Christianity collapsed; a new and convulsive era began. We live in the wake of that era. Four streams of reform arising in that age set the stage for the modern Church: the so-called magisterial Reformation, the radical Reformation, the “middle way” of the English, and the response of Roman Catholicism.