Flower ArrangementThese creative men and women serve the Lord by arranging the flowers that grace our church on special occasions and each Sunday in front of the pulpit, Court of Flags, Chapel, at the entrances.  As they do so, they share in rich fellowship. 
The Flower Ministry partners with donors who contribute financially to commemorate a loved one or an event in their lives.   Each week the team members work in their areas of expertise, culminating in artistic arrangements for the glory of God and to welcome and inspire worshipers.
The Flower Ministry welcomes new members and donors.  No formal training is required; the Flower Ministry provides regular training for new team members.  Please contact one of the following team leaders about joining the Ministry or for scheduling financial contribution.
Nora Szeto -  npcflowers@nationalpres.org
Donor Schedule team lead: 
Janice Sessing - NPCFlowers@gmail.com 
Conditioning team lead :
Annette Quick - annetteequick@aol.com
Floral Design Instructor and Advisor
Beverly Tam - bbtam88@yahoo.com
Trip to Judith Blacklock Flower School in London

NPC Flower Ministry NPC Flower Ministry

NPC Flower Ministry NPC Flower Ministry 
NPC Flower Ministry