Deacons - Help in DC, MD, VA

Hold HandsDeacons are elected servant leaders in the Presbyterian Church.  At NPC, their mission is to care for the congregation, and to mobilize the congregation to care for one other.  A Deacon can listen to concerns you may have, pray with you, visit you when you are ill, support you through difficult times, and help you to connect with other NPC members who live in your geographic area. 
NPC’s Deacons are divided into regional teams for DC, MD and VA to best coordinate care. If you would like to receive care from the Deacons, know a congregant who you believe needs care from the Deacons, OR would like to learn more about helping the Deacons to provide care, please contact the coordinator listed below for your region:
DC:     Nancy Chapman,
MD:     David and Renee Dragics,,
VA:      Roger Coy,